SISTAR19’s first on on Music Bank

One of the four weekly music shows in Korea, Music Bank is back with another exciting episodes with awesome performances.

In the end, competing for the winner, SISTAR19 faced off against Baechigi for this week’s ‘K-Chart’, but in the end, it was SISTAR19 who clinched the ‘K-Chart’ win with their latest how single“Gone Not Around Any Longer“. A big congratulation to the girls! Check out their performance below:


SISTAR19’s Second Win on M’Countdown

Happy Valentines Day!!

Korea’s weekly music show Mnet’s M! Countdown is back with another spectacular episodes filled with exciting performances.

SISTAR19’s new hot single “Gone Not Around Any Longer” shows no sign of going down. Competing for the #1 spot of this week was a hot battle between SISTAR19 and Baechigi. However, in the end it was SISTAR19 who clinched the win for the second week in a row, accomplishing what also known as double crown, with “Gone Not Around Any Longer“!

It might seems a little awkward that the song that expresses the feelings of both falling in love and drifting apart won on the Valentines Day, nevertheless Gone Not Around Any Longer still came out with a victory. Congratz to SISTAR19!!

Check out their performance and winning speech below:

Wining speech and Encore stage:



SISTAR19’s second ‘Perfect All-Kill’


   SISTAR19 achieved another ‘Perfect All-Kill‘ for their hot single “Gone Not Around Any Longer” for two weeks in a row.

     A Perfect All-Kill (“PAK”) is achieved when a song ranks first place on all of South Korea’s major music charts and places first on the weekly iChart on instiz.

     Immediately after the single was released, SISTAR19 took the first place on ALL the real-time charts and achieved their first Perfect All-Kill and has maintained its top spot for the past two weeks. SISTAR19’s comeback with their latest single is proving to be a tremendous hit and sucessful as it is very rare for any song to achieve a second Perfect All-Kill.

 Congratz SISTAR19

PAK chart

SISTAR19 is looking cute for Lunar New Year


恭禧發財! Although the Lunar New Year is tomorrow, SISTAR19 took their time and put on the pretty pink hanbok, korean traditional dress, to greet their fans for this Lunar New Year. Along with the photo above, Hyorin tweeted on her twitter:

      “Although Lunar New Year’s Eve is tomorrow :). We greet you beforehand~~!! I hope everyone spends a happy time with their families~ Have a happy new year♥ SISTAR19 will spend today on stage!”

 Meanwhile, SISTAR19 will be having a performance of their new hot single “Gone Not Around Any Longer” this evening!

Bora Thanks Fans for their First win

20130207_sistar_mcountdownwin   A moment after SISTAR19 won their first M! Countdown win with their latest single, Gone Not Around Any Longer, Bora tweeted:

“Thank you so so so so much!!! Thank you very much for giving so much love to SISTAR19′s ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’!! We’ll really work hard to make sure we show you how we improve~!!! STAR1 (fan club), I love you, I’m sorry, and thank you <3.”

   Also, what made the win more memorable was that SISTAR’s members Soyu and Dasom were the two special guest hosts for the episode, and they also presented the trophy to their members.

SISTAR19’s Rise to the Top & First win

Within the first week of its release of their new single, Gone Not Around Any Longer, SISTAR19 has achieved  quite an impressive start for their comeback and recently achieved a “perfect all-kill”, as I have mentioned in the previous post, with the track. However, today their new single has just topped Billboard‘s ‘K-Pop Hot 100‘ chart for the first week of February.

Chart SISTAR19

    On the latest episode of one of the top Korean music shows, M! Countdown, SISTAR19 and CNBLUE competed for the #1 spot, but in the end, SISTAR19 clinched their first win with their hot latest single “Gone Not Around Any Longer“. Check out their performance below.

  In addition, SISTAR’s member Soyu also had a special performance on the latest episode.  Check out her breathtaking performance below.

  To watch other exciting performances from other idol groups, please follow this link.

SISTAR’s sub-unit, SISTAR19

Apart from being a four members group, SISTAR also has a sub-unit group called SISTAR19. The group debuted in April 2011. The sub group consisted of the leader Hyolyn and rapper Bora. Their debut single wasMa Boys”.


 The song went viral and they quickly gained popularity and soon the subgroup was immediately recognised. Additionally, Ma Boys’ MV was one of the most popular and most viewed K-pop’s music videos of 2011 with more than 23 million views. Later, however, Ma Boys (special version) was also released and sung by all four members of SISTAR. The official Ma Boys music video can be seen below.

In 2013, after several teaser videos of their new single “Gone Not Around Any Longer” were released by Starship Entertainment, SISTAR19 finally released their highly anticipated comeback single on January 31, 2012. Within the first week of its release, Gone Not Around Any Longer achieved the “Perfect All-Kill”, ranking first place
on ALL music cha2174057500rts, on all Korean music charts. The duo were praised for their sexy concept, as well as Hyolyn for her incredible voice, especially the 5 high notes. The MV was also viewed more than 2.5 million times in less than four days. It is also expected by many fans that they  will win on the weekly music shows: Music Bank and M’Countdown. Gone Not Around Any Longer’s MV can be seen below.