SISTAR’s sub-unit, SISTAR19

Apart from being a four members group, SISTAR also has a sub-unit group called SISTAR19. The group debuted in April 2011. The sub group consisted of the leader Hyolyn and rapper Bora. Their debut single wasMa Boys”.


 The song went viral and they quickly gained popularity and soon the subgroup was immediately recognised. Additionally, Ma Boys’ MV was one of the most popular and most viewed K-pop’s music videos of 2011 with more than 23 million views. Later, however, Ma Boys (special version) was also released and sung by all four members of SISTAR. The official Ma Boys music video can be seen below.

In 2013, after several teaser videos of their new single “Gone Not Around Any Longer” were released by Starship Entertainment, SISTAR19 finally released their highly anticipated comeback single on January 31, 2012. Within the first week of its release, Gone Not Around Any Longer achieved the “Perfect All-Kill”, ranking first place
on ALL music cha2174057500rts, on all Korean music charts. The duo were praised for their sexy concept, as well as Hyolyn for her incredible voice, especially the 5 high notes. The MV was also viewed more than 2.5 million times in less than four days. It is also expected by many fans that they  will win on the weekly music shows: Music Bank and M’Countdown. Gone Not Around Any Longer’s MV can be seen below.


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